Dinner and Cruise on the Danube

The Panorama of Budapest is not only an unforgettable experience, but an illustration of the capital's history. The banks - added to the World Heritage List of UNESCO - offer one of the world's most outstandingly beautiful urban cityscapes.

The vibrant city of Budapest has various faces. At night it calms down, the lights are lit, and a new city awakens after sunset. This program is created for those, who would like to enjoy the wonderful view of the city swimming in lights, accompanied by a real candlelight atmosphere with a romantic dinner and live music.

The program takes you on a 2-hour-long cruise on one of our air-conditioned/heated  ships, on which you will also have the best view of the panorama from the upper deck of the ship.
The 'Dinner & Cruise with Live Music' program is also available without dinner, if you book a cruise with drinks only. Enjoy the magnificient night sights over a glass of champagne and another glass of soft drink, wine or beer!

Ticket prices:

with dinner:

  • Adult: 42 EUR
  • Adult with pick-up drop off service: 52 EUR
  • Student: 37.50 EUR
  • Student with pick-up drop off service: 47.50 EUR

without dinner:

  • Adult: 17.50 EUR
  • Adult with pick-up drop off service: 27.50 EUR
  • Student: 15.50 EUR
  • Student with pick-up drop off service: 25.50 EUR

You can book ahead and get the voucher at the reception.