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Airport Transfer

We help you to get into the city easily. Our contracted partner has fix prices of airport transfer.
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Beer Bike

The beer bike offers an unique and unforgettable adventure for every participant. You can legally drink alcoholic beverage with 3-15 others while you are riding the bike.
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Electronic Gokart

Karting is no longer associated with deafening noise and riding karts with uncertain performance and reeking exhaust. From now on, karting is recreation, competition, entertainment, power and dynamism in clean and a pleasant environment!
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Budapest's most famous weekly party series! This is unlike any party you will ever see anywhere else in the world - a late-night rave in a 19th Century natural thermal bath house. Lights, projectors, smoke and lazers make the sights around you even more enthralling than the warm water at your waist.
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